Front page - Örnvik Freetime
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Örnvik Freetime


Örnvik Freetime is a small cottage village in Porvoo, Ylike, just 16 km from the center of Porvoo. There are a total of six cottages of different sizes and amenities, either directly on the edge of the forest or on the shore of the Little Pernajanlahti- Bay. The surrounding nature is clean and sea air fresh. The Örnvik farm is part of the Natura Nature Reserve and the drinking and utility water of the cottages comes from a natural source in the Örnvik forest.


Örnvik Freetime cottages


The Örnvik Freetime cottages are also an excellent alternative to corporate events, recreation days, association meetings, family celebrations, or even bachelorette parties.

You can also rent several cottages for your use. At the moment cottages B, C, D, E and F can be reserved for a total of 22 people.