E-cottage - Örnvik Freetime
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E-cottage (Fishing cabin)


This 20 m² log cabin can cater for 2-3 guests, the cottage consists of one room. The cottage is right by the sea and the steps from the small terrace of the sauna leed directly to the pier. The sauna and outhouse lavatory are in a separate building about 10 m from the cottage. The cottage has a covered veranda overlooking Pikku-Pernajanlahti Bay.


Liveable in the wintertime, but around 15.11.-15.4. main water must be carried inside (water point in the B-cottage carport).


Story: Historically, the cottage was used by fishermen. If a storm surprised fishermen in the bay, anyone was welcome to the cottage for weather protection. There was a fireplace in the cottage and simple beds that fishermen could rest on. The cottage was in poor condition when Örnvik Freetime started operating and only the foundation and a few logs where left. However, when staying at the cottage you can feel the history and comfort that the fishmen would have also experienced.



  • Bunk bed: lower one 120 cm and upper 90 cm
  • Able to fit additional mattress on the floor
  • Small well equipped kitchen
  • Electric stove
  • Microwave
  • Full kitchen catering for 4
  • Small fridge with freezer
  • Coffee machine and water heater
  • TV
  • Dinner table and 2 chairs + 1 stool
  • Armchair
  • Covered veranda
  • Pier, rowing boat and small sand beach
  • Yard has charcoal grill, dinner table
  • Outside lavatory and sauna 10 m from the cottage
  • 2 sunbeds in the summer
  • Heating: radiators and fireplace
  • Closest neighbour 50 m D- cottage and 70 m F- cottage
  • Pets allowed


Extra charge


  • Kids travel bed (15€, potty and highchair free of charge)
  • Sheets and towels (14 €/set/person, child 0-3y 7 €/set/)
  • wi-fi (15 €)
  • Final clean up 50 €



week 415 – 574 €

weekend 197 – 377 €